HuBMAP Integration, Visualization & Engagement

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and University of Pittsburgh HIVE Infrastructure and Engagement Component:


Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Integration and Use of HuBMAP Biomolecular Data and Reference Maps

As the HIVE Infrastructure and Engagement Component (IEC), the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), and Stanford University will provide infrastructure, based on our flexible hybrid cloud microservices architecture, along with community engagement, that will support the delivery of the HIVE production phase vision. This vision is to establish the HuBMAP Portal as the “go-to” resource for human tissue reference maps and multimodal single-cell data. 

To accomplish this, the IEC will focus its efforts in the following key areas: 

1) Curation and Ingestion: Increased automation of data ingestion from HuBMAP data providers, community partners, and the general research community to maximize efficiency and usefulness for building the HRA; 

2) Integration: Automated integration and mapping of ingested data to the HRA based on data standards; 

3) Findability and Accessibility: Manifestation of backend resources in the modular architecture of APIs and containers, services, and documentation that minimize user friction in integrated searching, querying, analyzing/aligning and viewing of tissue maps at multiple spatial scales and among multiple layers of information; 

4) Interoperability: Extension of the HuBMAP Knowledge Graph to translate HuBMAP data, HRA assets, and community data among one another via ontologies; 

5) Analysis: Infrastructure support to maximally enable users with scalable analyses and workflows among both HuBMAP and user-contributed data and tools, including integration and mapping against the HRA; and 

6) Sustainability: Sustainment of open tools, data, and infrastructure for reuse beyond the production phase. 

The IEC will grow and harden its successful model for collaboration, coordination, and engagement with other HIVE and HuBMAP Members.

Fast Facts
Project title: Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Integration and Use of HuBMAP Bimolecular Data and Reference Maps
PIs: Phil Blood, Jonathan Silverstein
Co-Investigators: Alex Ropelewski, Mark Musen, Robin Scibek
Project Manager: Robin Scibek
Grant number: 1OT2OD033759-01
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