HuBMAP Integration, Visualization & Engagement

Infrastructure and Engagement Component

Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Management of HuBMAP Resources

To provide for the Infrastructure and Engagement Component (IEC) of the HuBMAP HIVE, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) are creating a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure in close coordination with the HuBMAP Consortium, and stakeholders world-wide.

This IEC connects HuBMAP with storage and co-located computing resources for depositing, accessing, querying, searching, analyzing, and visualizing both raw and processed HuBMAP data. Data and tools incorporated into the IEC are findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable (FAIR), and put together in reproducible, shareable workflows that can be run locally and on all major public clouds. The IEC provides the open data platform for study of tissue organization and function through 3D biomolecular tissue maps in the spatial framework of the human body envisioned by HuBMAP. This team also provides full-time project management, in addition to imaging and data science expertise.

Fast Facts
Project title:Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Management of HuBMAP Resources
PI:Phil Blood, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Co-Investigator:Jonathan Silverstein, University of Pittsburgh
Project Manager:Robin Scibek
Grant number:1OT2OD026675-01
Learn more: Visit the PSC lab website
Visit the Pitt lab website
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