Rapid Technology Implementation

Implementation of Slide-seq for high-resolution, whole-transcriptome human tissue maps


Cells are the unit building blocks of tissues and organs, thus, to understand the organization of tissues and organs, it is important to understand where different types of cells reside in the tissue. This group is implementing a newly-invented technology called Slide-seq to characterize gene expression relationships in large tissue volumes at 10-micron resolution. First, they are working to develop tissue quality metrics, and modifications to the Slide-seq protocol, that optimize Slide-seq data quality across a range of tissues that are the focus of the HuBMAP consortium. Next, they will generate large-scale Slide-seq datasets from human colon and kidney, and compare and contrast the resulting data from spatial technologies being deployed by existing HuBMAP TMCs. Finally, they will scale the production of the Slide-seq arrays, and host training workshops, to enable the technology to be successfully adopted across the HuBMAP consortium. They aim to make Slide-seq a routine and valuable measurement tool for the construction of comprehensive molecular maps of human tissues.

Fast Facts
Project title:Implementation of Slide-seq for high-resolution, whole-transcriptome human tissue maps
PI:Evan Macosko
Project Manager:Katelyn Flowers
Grant number:1UH3CA246632-01
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