Architecture and Data Workflow

The diagram above maps the various layers and microservices of HuBMAP’s Flexible Hybrid Cloud Architecture.

The Resource level details the databases and physical infrastructure required to securely ingest, store, and retrieve HuBMAP data. APIs allow for integration with and rapid access across multiple data lakes. The software Application layer provides data ingest, data processing pipelines, and GUIs to HuBMAP data.

This flexible hybrid cloud microservices architecture enables HuBMAP to scale data access & processing regardless of user location and extend and maintain the system more easily due to the microservices focus.

Hover your cursor over each individual component to learn more. Click on a component for a link to the respective web page.


The diagram below shows HuBMAP’s data productivity across many facets such as funded component contribution, organ coverage, assay coverage, and stage in the data production life cycle. Hover over blocks or arrows for additional detailed information and counts.