Open Working Groups

The HuBMAP Consortium currently has three open working groups that anyone can join. Working group meetings are open to the public and are listed on our calendar. The working groups also have charters which govern the purpose and goals of each group, and outline their stakeholders and key membership. The consortium encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about these areas to join a working group meeting - there is no minimum requirement. More details on each group can be found below.

Cell Atlas Curation

The Cell Atlas Curation Working Group (CAC-wg) is composed of representatives from consortia such as HuBMAP, HCA,4DN, ENCODE & HTAN. The goal of this working group is to establish standards for metadata collection, curation & management.

For more information about how to join this open working group please email

Affinity Reagent Imaging and Validation

The Affinity Reagent Imaging and Validation Working Group works to define best practices for antibody use across the consortium. It works to incorporate information into the data portal, determine ways to promote reproducibility, and find ways for vendors to better serve researchers. The group aims to establish cross-consortia collaborations to determine “go-to” antibody/protein pairs for cross-platform validation, enhance the availability of antibody validation data, and refine best practices for antibody usage. For more information on how to join this working group please email Neil Kelleher,


This working group aims to address cross-consortium needs for unified terminology and ontology references for anatomical structures (AS), cell types (CT), and biomarkers (B; e.g., gene, protein, lipid, or metabolic markers) that are used to uniquely identify specific CTs. In addition to developing nomenclature for AS, CT, and B, the ASCT+B tables capture information on what Bs are used to uniquely identify which CTs and what CTs exist in which ASs. Monthly meetings bring ASCT+B authors, reviewers, and users together as well as ontology experts to update, review, and approve tables; link tables to existing ontologies; formalize and unify table design language; and expand table usage.

For more information about how to join this open working group please email


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