About HuBMAP

We are developing the tools to create an open, global atlas of the human body at the cellular level. These tools and maps will be openly available, to accelerate understanding of the relationships between cell and tissue organization and function and human health.

It takes trillions of cells to build a human adult, and how those cells interact, connect, and arrange into tissues has a direct effect on our health. HuBMAP (the Human BioMolecular Atlas Program) will create the next generation of molecular analysis technologies and computational tools, enabling the generation of foundational 3D tissue maps and construction of an atlas of the function and relationships among cells in the human body. These maps and atlas can lead us to a better understanding of how the relationships among our cells affects our health.

The Human BioMolecular Atlas Program is a consortium composed of diverse research teams funded by the Common Fund at the National Institutes of Health. HuBMAP values secure, open sharing, and collaboration with other consortia and the wider research community.