Underrepresented Student Internship Program

The Underrepresented Student Internship Program provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to receive mentorship and training from HuBMAP components over the summer.

Stay tuned for details about the 2022 summer internship!

The 2021 interns had the opportunity to present their research findings at the August Sci/Tech webinar, a monthly gathering of Consortium members where researchers share updates on their work. You can view a full recording of the event on YouTube.

Benefits of the HuBMAP summer internship

Learn valuable new skills across the scientific research spectrum, including:
  • GitHub, Python, JavaScript, other coding languages
  • Spatial transcriptomics, 3D imaging, and data analysis
  • Presentation skills, resume writing, journal reviews

Work with HuBMAP researchers and add to your resume! Here's what our 2021 interns had to say about their experience:

“It was an amazing experience and it was nice to be surrounded by professionals that truly cared about us and wanted to make sure that we succeeded.”

“The most exciting thing about the HuBMAP internship is that you can combine science and technology to create something that will contribute to the biotech community.”

“[I was excited by] the fact that I was able to work so closely with professionals in a field that I one day would like to be in. I was so amazed by how well versed and well informed everyone was. It was truly inspirational.”

“I loved hearing about everyone’s research and being able to present everything I’ve learned in front of a group with similar interests.”

“[I enjoyed] being able to learn hands-on with new programs and integrating those with research.”

“My mentors and PI were so helpful and knowledgeable. They helped me so much during this process and in every meeting that I had with them I felt that I got to know them and the work they do.”

Learn more about the class of 2021 and their research accomplishments:

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