Tissue Mapping Center

Developmental Mapping of Heart and Bone Tissues


This team is working to map molecular and cellular changes in bone and heart tissue over the course of human lifespan using comprehensive multi-dimensional single-cell and imaging technologies.

The final product of this project will impact research of these two organs in the following manner: 1) Organ Atlases: spatially resolved atlases will provide a highly user-friendly, publicly available, searchable database of the most comprehensive multi- omic, single cell analysis of the two organs. Molecular data will be richly annotated with additional clinical and epidemiological data. 2) Computational methods: in addition to the data, the critical computational tools and pipelines developed in this project will be available to the research community. These include methods and pipelines for processing multi-omics and imaging data, inference of cell-specific regulatory and signaling pathways, correlation of mesoscale imaging and molecular imaging features, as well as database algorithms for the query, exploration and visualization of highly complex data. 3) Access to biospecimens for follow-up studies: biospecimens collected in this project will be banked and made available to the biomedical research community. These include freshly frozen and fixed specimens and tissue sections.

Fast Facts
Project title:Center for Developmental Mapping of Heart and Bone Tissues
Organ specialty:Heart and skeletal system
PI:Kai Tan
Co-Investigators:Kathrin Bernt, Liming Pei
Grant number:1U54HL156090-01
Learn more: Visit the lab website, and follow them on Twitter.


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