HuBMAP Integration, Visualization & Engagement

Tools Component

Harvard Medical School Tools Component


This group provides a suite of cloud-based data visualization, exploration, and analysis tools that make HuBMAP data FAIR and enables broad re-use of this valuable resource within the community.

This team supports both batch and interactive analysis tools for power users, as well as task-specific UI-based analysis tools for end users without deep knowledge of computational approaches. They also provide users with the ability to interact with analysis provenance through visual interfaces. These are based on the approaches that were developed for interaction with workflow-derived data provenance for reproducible biomedical research.

The visualization tools are interactive and designed for both data exploration and communication. Based on the Vistories approach for reproducible visual analysis, there is a bridge between these two distinct tasks. This will also make it possible to share observations and discoveries with remote collaborators. Both analysis and visualization tools are embedded in a framework that enables the team to incorporate and deploy tools created by members of the HIVE, HuBMAP, and the broader community. Whenever possible, the team enhances existing tools and wraps them into a container-based, scalable, and cloud-agnostic deployment framework. To enable search and exploration of the enormous data space that will be generated by HuBMAP, there is a set of tools that enable systematic navigation and retrieval of omics and imaging data beyond text-based search. There is a focus on the use of metadata and ontologies to accomplish this through interfaces similar to the SATORI system for ontology-guided visual exploration of biomedical data repositories. Finally, the team supports collaboration within HuBMAP and the HIVE through visual analysis tools that enable monitoring of the overall project progress and data quality, including timelines for planned experiments, submitted data, and others.

Fast Facts
Project title: HuBMAP HIVE Tools Component
PI:Nils Gehlenborg
Project Manager:Maggie Vella
Grant number:1OT2OD026677-01
Learn more: Visit the lab website
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