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Welcome to HuBMAP! The information on this page is intended to help you get started as a HuBMAP member. If you have questions at any time, please email the help desk at

Introductory Information

Working Groups

Consortium Working Groups address various areas of consortium administration. Participating in a working group provides opportunities to collaborate with other consortium members and permits members to inform and influence consortium decisions.

Every group should have a representative in the Communications and Engagement and Policies Working Groups. Representation in the other Working Groups is encouraged where appropriate.

See the Working Groups page for more information and a list of the current Working Groups.


The HuBMAP calendar contains entries for all HuBMAP meetings and events, and can be integrated into Outlook or Google calendars. For more information on calendar integration, see the calendar help.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) promotes coordination and collaboration among Consortium members and recommends Consortium direction and policies to the NIH. All members are welcome to attend the meetings.

About the SC | Voting members | Minutes | Charter

HuBMAP Happenings

HuBMAP Happenings is the weekly member newsletter. We welcome and encourage your submissions! Please send a note to with items of interest to the HuBMAP community.


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