Work With Us

There are several ways to work with the HuBMAP consortium, depending on how our resources might be relevant to you.


If you are a researcher, you may want to join HuBMAP as a member of the consortium, in which case you'll apply for a grant via the common fund. All applications go through the National Institutes of Health.

If you are looking to undertake research with HuBMAP independently as an associate researcher with the consortium, you can apply to be an associate member. More details on associate membership and the approval process for this can be found on our policies page.

Junior investigators who are part of HuBMAP labs can also apply for grants through the JumpStart program. The HuBMAP JumpStart program provides junior investigators the opportunity to undertake independent, scientific research projects within their existing labs. Projects align with the overall goals of HuBMAP, but take a new direction from awardees' existing work with their lab's Principal Investigator.

Open Working Groups

HuBMAP has three working groups which are open to the public. These working groups provide an opportunity for anyone interested to join in discussions of the work of the consortium, ongoing research progress, and upcoming initiatives, and they give an inside look into the developments of HuBMAP. The current working groups are the Cell Atlas Curation Group, the Affinity Reagent Imaging & Validation Group, and the Anatomical Structures, Cell Types, & Biomarkers (ASCT+B) Group. You can join an open working group by attending the meetings, which are posted on the HuBMAP calendar.

Read more about the open working groups here.

Internship Program

HuBMAP has an internship program which aims to grant opportunities to students from underrepresented populations interested in working in the single cell community who may otherwise not be able to gain access. Students from groups which are underrepresented in the scientific and research community are strongly encouraged to apply to the internship program. Details can be found on the internship page.


While HuBMAP does not directly offer career opportunities, we post job opportunities from consortia members on our social media pages. Check back on our twitter page regularly for updates on job opportunities at our member institutions if you are seeking a role in the research community, and you may just find an opportunity that fits!