HuBMAP Consortium Underrepresented Student Internship Program 2022 Virtual Program Application


Submit this form, along with your transcript and personal statement by February 18, 2022. Ensure your two letters of recommendation are submitted by your references by this date as well. Further details on letters of recommendation are at the end of this form.

Transcript Instructions:

All transcripts should be in a single file. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. Please attach transcripts in PDF format.

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Personal Statement Instructions:

Prompt: Please briefly describe your background, interest in participating in this summer undergraduate research program in single cell science, and your career goals.

Please attach your personal statement in PDF format.

Personal statements should be no longer than 2 pages single spaced, font size 11, Times New Roman.

Personal Information:

Lab Preferences:

Please indicate your top 3 preferences for a lab placement. For a listing of possible projects, please refer to the "available programs" section on the main internship page.

Letter of Recommendation

Applicants are required to submit 2 letters of recommendation. Please ask your references to submit their letters of recommendation to by the application due date of February 18, 2022.

Please provide us with the contact details of your two references below.

DISCLAIMER: By submitting this application, the applicant certifies that the information provided in this form and all accompanying documents is accurate.

Privacy Policy: None of the information presented will be given to an outside source. All information is protected behind passwords.

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