HuBMAP Consortium Principles

The explicit funding and steps taken to support and nurture the Consortium ensures the effectiveness of the collaborative research undertaken through HuBMAP. We follow the principles that leverage innovative, but well-proven approaches to large-project coordination and team science. Our success stems from enculturating stakeholders to follow agreed upon goals and processes related to effective data curation, sustainable scientific software practices, knowledge sharing/management, shared project goals, priorities, and timelines. At the core of this effort is recognition of three fundamental elements of success: (1) Alignment of key partners in terms of goals, processes, and structures – employing social processes to build the consortium community, set goals, and develop and implement structure and process. (2) Effective knowledge management and sharing -- lessening the potential for stove-piping, facilitating innovation diffusion, building consensus, avoiding redundancy, improving efficiency and the ability to assess progress and outcomes. (3) Lightweight and agile processes -- following a path of rapid prototyping, iteration, and ‘right-sized’ milestones to ensure ongoing engagement and identifiable progress; avoiding prolonged requirements gathering and specification processes that risk insufficient progress and stakeholder malaise.

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