From Atlas to Practice

Innovation Lab

Accelerating the Convergence of Spatial Biology and Pathology

Monday, September 23 - Friday, September 27, 2024
Location: It is the intention of the organizing team to find a location in the DC area- details forthcoming.


Recent large-scale efforts to build spatial molecular atlases of healthy and pathologic tissues of the human body have provided a wealth of new data and technologies that are complementary to traditional histopathological approaches. Potential synergies between the pathology and spatial biology communities are vast, timely, and have the potential for immediate impact on patients through the implementation of spatial biomarkers in clinical practice.

The 2024 From Atlas to Practice Innovation Lab will bring together investigators who are enthusiastic about the convergence and synergies between spatial biology and pathology. Participants will seek to identify opportunities where data and methods developed by spatial biologists can benefit pathologists, and the questions, tools, and measurements that pathologists are most interested in for their diagnostic work. Simultaneously, the lab seeks to identify areas where pathologists can leverage their expertise in tissue analysis, diagnostics, and clinical workflows to inform the direction and resources developed by spatial biologists. 

This highly interactive Lab is structured to promote the fusion of efforts from a wide spectrum of professionals, including, but not limited to:

  • Spatial biologists
  • Pathologists
  • Imaging scientists
  • Disease domain experts
  • Artificial intelligence and and data science experts

The collaboration and discussions anticipated at the Lab are expected to catalyze peer-reviewed articles and proposals for NIH and other funding agencies, as well as future workshops.  The outcomes from this Innovation Lab are projected to foster the development of new approaches, novel discoveries and insights, and a robust community of experts dedicated to advancing the way human disease is understood, diagnosed, and treated.

Application Procedure

Applications are now closed.

We welcome applications from researchers across all career stages and disciplines interested in the convergence of spatial biology and pathology. Women and under-represented scientific communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The application asks candidates to describe their background, research, interests in the intersection of pathology and spatial biology, and their commitment to collaborative/team science. will be accepted from May 10 through June 30.

Review of applicants will be rigorous and not all candidates will be selected to attend. A particular emphasis will be placed on candidates demonstrating a strong commitment to collaborative/team science. A committee will select approximately 30 applicants to take part in the Lab. Selected candidates will be notified by August 2. Selected candidates will have reasonable travel, accommodation and meals covered. Due to the highly interactive nature of this event, partial attendance is not allowed. Participants are required to attend the workshop in its entirety in-person.


This event is being facilitated by Knowinnovation, Inc., an organization that specializes in working with science researchers and practitioners to accelerate scientific innovation and achieve actionable outcomes.