HuBMAP Happenings 12/17/2019

HuBMAP Happenings 12/17/2019
December 17, 2019
HuBMAP Calendar for 2020

As we prepare for the upcoming calendar year, please take a moment to review the Consortium calendar to ensure that meetings reflected on the calendar are accurate and still relevant. The Consortium calendar can be found  here . Send email to  to request any necessary changes. 
HuBMAP Happenings - On Holiday

Given the timing of the upcoming holidays, the HuBMAP Happenings will not be distributed on December 24th, and December 31st. Any content requests for inclusion in the HuBMAP Happenings submitted after December 20th will be distributed on January 7th 2020. 
New HuBMAP Website Layout

On December 19th, the HuBMAP website will be receiving a makeover. The new layout will allow us to be more dynamic with the Consortium content that is highlighted and promoted to the general public. The new layout will feature: 
  • a scrolling banner that will enable us to feature more dynamic content as we grow and have more to share publicly
  • the option to feature a variety of content as it relates to the Consortium - right now the funded groups are featured, this summer the data portal will be featured.
  • and the beginnings of some on demand metrics reporting that includes members, institutions, and publications.
As always, please forward any content suggestions to the IEC via
Deadlines, Deliverables, and Reminders

HIVE Quarterly Reports are due December 31, however you can submit them any time before January 6th to Tyler / Heather.

Interim Progress Reports (from TMCs, RTIs, TTDs) are due January 1; they can be submitted as well anytime before January 6th to your program officer / grants management specialist. Please address the following (in addition to including details of other highlights):
  * Status of compliance with Consortium policies (MTA, DUA etc.)
  * Biospecimens and their associated consent that have been analyzed
  * Any datasets which have been successfully submitted to the HIVE
  * Progress on Collaborative Projects

NIH will schedule calls with all the groups potentially extending their funding before the following proposals are due:
  * TTD UH3 Transition Proposals are due March 1, 2020
  * TMC Pilot Phase Extension Proposals (VU only) are due March 1, 2020
  * Extensions to RTI Pilot Phase are due April 1, 2020

Publication Tracker - please be sure to update, here !

Single Cell in the Cloud Codeathon

NCBI is pleased to announce a single-cell focused codeathon at the  New York Genome Center , January 15 -17, 2020. To apply, please complete the  application form  by December 30, 2019. Read on for more information about the event.

Please see this link for full details pertaining to the event.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

DRT Portal call will be held Wednesday, December 18 @ 10AM ET. 

Communications and Engagement WG meeting will take place Thursday, December 19 @ 1PM ET. 

DRT Sequencing call will take place Monday, December 23 @ 2PM ET. 

Steering Committee meeting will take place Monday, January 6 @ 2PM ET. 
  • Note that this meeting will be a PD/PI-only meeting to do some strategic planning for 2020. Dena will send out a modified meeting invite for the PD/PIs.

January Sci/Tech Webinar will take place Monday, January 13, 2010 @ 3PM ET.
  • Speaker: Stanford RTI
  • Title: Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging: Using MIBI to characterize clinical samples with highly multiplexed spatial proteomics.
  • Speaker: Northwestern-RTI
  • Title: Precise Mapping of Protein Composition using Top-Down Proteomics

* REGISTRATION REMINDER * NIH-HCA Joint Meeting March 30 – April 1, 2019 Bethesda MD, click here to register.

Welcome to the HuBMAP Team

Harvard HIVE-TC would like to announce that we have hired a Senior Data Curator, Chris Briggs . They are very excited to have her on the team. Feel free to welcome her at:


Why is Christmas just like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit  

Content Suggestions

The IEC is seeking to collect information of general interest from individual members and groups and to share with the rest of the Consortium. Please submit content suggestions by emailing .
Past Newsletters are available on the Collaboration Portal .

Don’t forget to follow the Consortium on Twitter @_hubmap and mention us in any relevant tweets/retweets so we can share the great work that our members are doing!

For comments, suggestions about how to improve the HuBMAP happenings, or questions about the consortium, please contact:
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