HuBMAP Happenings 2/4/2020

HuBMAP Happenings 2/4/2020
February 4, 2020
Revised Data Use Agreement (DUA)

The Revised DUA is provided for distribution here . Each PI is asked to please sign and send to your Institutional Officials for approval and signature then return the document to Robin Scibek directly, with copy to Gloria. We also include here the (External) Data Sharing Policy. Since the Data Sharing Policy is referenced in the DUA, some Institution Signing Officials have asked to see it before signing the DUA.

Please Complete the Antibody Spreadsheet

A reminder to everyone to please fill out this spreadsheet on antibodies used within the HuBMAP Consortium.

  1. Please complete all sections for a given antibody (first tab in the spreadsheet). If the information is unknown, please list “UNKNOWN.”
  2. We would like a summary page from each group with your current approach to validation. Information on validation pillars can be found in the “Validation” tab in the antibody spreadsheet. Include information on assay types and tissues tested.

Jeannie Camarillo (, Clive Wasserfall ( and TC Sun ( can be contacted for direction or questions.

HuBMAP Advocates Program

HuBMAP Advocates Program is a pilot program that provides travel funds to consortium members to: 
  1. participate in conferences to promote and raise awareness of Consortium activities 
  2. visit and collaborate with other consortia to share ideas and best practices
  3. engage in cross training with other Consortium members  

This January a few members from Vanderbilt University TMC attended the Image Analysis Workshop and Jamboree organized by the Cancer Systems Biology Consortium in Seattle to present on their HuBMAP contributions , and engage with others about advanced segmentation methods that could possibly be adapted for their work with HuBMAP. 

There are still funds available as part of this program, so contact the IEC if you have any meetings, conferences or cross training ideas that you think could benefit the Consortium!

Constructing a Cross-Platform HuBMAP Segmentation Dataset

At yesterday's steering committee call, Noah Greenwald (Stanford - RTI) gave an overview of their collaborative cross-platform segmentation proposal. The goal is to collect annotated training data from the different multiplexed imaging technologies that are part of HuBMAP, to create a training dataset that is representative of the different tissue types and imaging modalities. This will facilitate the creation of segmentation algorithms relevant across the diversity of HuBMAP imaging platforms.

If you're interested in being a part of this, please contact Noah at

KPMP (Kidney Precision Medicine Project) Funding Opportunity Announcements

The Central Hub for KPMP has released 3 new RFAs through the KPMP Opportunity Pool to:
  1. bring new technologies into KPMP
  2. add advanced clinical phenotyping into KPMP
  3. to add KPMP biopsies into existing kidney cohorts not currently doing a biopsy.

The RFAs are open to all, including current KPMP investigators. The submission portal for applications will open in March, with an application deadline of April 20, 2020. All RFAs can be viewed here . Please contact Ashveena Dighe ( with questions.

Many of the technologies used in HuBMap are not being used in KPMP. This might be an opportunity for post-docs and fellows (and PI) to include studies in kidney. The Funds are 100K per year for two years. Please feel free to share with colleagues.
Upcoming HuBMAP Meetings & Events

DRT Portal call will be held Wednesday, February 5 @ 10AM ET. 

Policies WG meeting is CANCELLED

Sci/Tech Webinar will take place Monday, February 10 @ 3PM ET.

Save the Date - Annual HuBMAP Meeting will take place May 18 - 20, 2020 in Bethesda, MD. Agenda and venue TBD.

Upcoming Conferences

Single-Cell Genomics Gordon Research Conference – When Stochasticity Meets Precision in a Single Cell. May 17-22, 2020. Ventura, CA, US:

Single-Cell Genomics Gordon Research Conference – Dissecting Evolution and Heterogeneity of Single Cancer Cells. June 7-12, 2020. Newry, ME, US:

Introducing "Dear Dena"

Can't remember if you registered? When are progress reports due? My lab tech is doing rain dances to make the assay work, but I keep telling him he’s spinning in the wrong direction for this celestial cycle, how can I convince him? Dear Dena will have the answers, or at least something close to an answer...

"Dear Dena, Help! I’ve already registered for the NIH-HCA meeting, but I haven’t submitted my poster yet. How can I do that? Sincerely, - Almost, but Not Quite Panicked in Philadelphia"

Dear Pseudo-Panicking in Philly: No worries! The IEC team has set up a link where everyone who would like to submit a poster may. You just need to go here and fill out the information requested.

" Dear Dena , I'm struggling with my nacho addiction. Anytime I eat out, I just can't resist ordering a plate of those crispy, salty chips with oozy melted cheese, smokey meats, spicy salsa and delightfully creamy guacamole.It all goes down so well with a perfectly mixed margarita. Help me stop! Sincerely, Nacho Sure What to Do!"

Dear Ignored Nacho in Pittsburgh , Do not fight your addiction! It will only bring you pain, and besides if you eat them with enough margaritas you will not care about the other issues plaguing your life – two problems solved at once! Don’t go around saying I never did anything for you...

Submit your Dear Dena questions to be answered in a future HuBMAP Happenings via email: .

Access to HIVE Infrastructure

Developers in need of HIVE infrastructure may request access through the PSC web form, found here .

Documentation for HIVE Infrastructure

Instructions for using HIVE infrastructure can now be found in the "Quick Links" section of the Collaboration Portal. A direct link to this documentation can be found here . Please report any issues or direct any questions to .


Studies have shown that plants have feelings. When one plant is sad, others tend to photosympathize.

Content Suggestions

The IEC is seeking to collect information of general interest from individual members and groups and to share with the rest of the Consortium. Please submit content suggestions by emailing .
Past Newsletters are available on the Collaboration Portal .

Don’t forget to follow the Consortium on Twitter @_hubmap and mention us in any relevant tweets/retweets so we can share the great work that our members are doing!

For comments, suggestions about how to improve the HuBMAP happenings, or questions about the consortium, please contact:
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