HuBMAP Happenings 1/7/2020

HuBMAP Happenings 1/7/2020
January 7, 2020
HuBMAP Data Ingest

A BIG shout out to everyone for their contributions toward HuBMAP's first data submission deadline. Please see the following table presented at yesterday's PI meeting that outlines contributing institutions, donors, tissue counts and more!
Dockstore Training Webinar & Slides

If you missed the Dockstore Training Webinar on December 5th presented by UCSC Genomics Institute, you can watch the video on YouTube ( here ) and the presentation slides are also available ( here ).  
Data Use Agreement

Investigators, please review the DUE revision here .

We are looking first for Investigator responses/edits by January 13. We will then send a link to a draft document to be vetted by Institution Officials as quickly as possible. Once we have received those comments, the draft will be taken to a Final Form and sent out for signature.

The major changes in the DUA document are provision for identified data to be shared within the HuBMAP consortium for the purpose of de-identification and the removal of the list of HuBMAP member Institutions to be replaced by a Signatory page with tracking of Consortium members and their institutions who have signed off on the DUA. This would prevent us from having to amend and resign a DUA document each time that there is a change in Membership. Further explanation is provided as comments in the google doc, please review and comment.

Cross-Consortium Call

The next Cross-Consortium Call is Tuesday, January 14 @ 10AM ET. Milen Nikolov will be discussing what HTAN is currently considering incorporating as part of metadata related to provenance, and how their data upload system (Synapse) supports that.

Zoom link to call:

Upcoming Meetings & Events

DRT Portal call will be held Wednesday, January 8 @ 10AM ET. 

Data Science WG meeting will take place Friday, January 10 @ Noon ET. 

Microscopy DRT call will take place Friday, January 10 @ 2PM ET. 

January Sci/Tech Webinar will take place Monday, January 13, 2010 @ 3PM ET.
  • Speaker: Stanford RTI
  • Title: Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging: Using MIBI to characterize clinical samples with highly multiplexed spatial proteomics.
  • Speaker: Northwestern-RTI
  • Title: Precise Mapping of Protein Composition using Top-Down Proteomics

Save the date: Annual HuBMAP Meeting will take place May 18 - 20, 2020 in Bethesda, MD. Agenda and venue TBD.


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Content Suggestions

The IEC is seeking to collect information of general interest from individual members and groups and to share with the rest of the Consortium. Please submit content suggestions by emailing .
Past Newsletters are available on the Collaboration Portal .

Don’t forget to follow the Consortium on Twitter @_hubmap and mention us in any relevant tweets/retweets so we can share the great work that our members are doing!

For comments, suggestions about how to improve the HuBMAP happenings, or questions about the consortium, please contact:
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