Internal HuBMAP Funding Opportunities

Two internal HuBMAP funding opportunities are currently available: the Jump Start Program, to encourage and develop independence in early career researchers, and the Underrepresented Student Internship Program, which provides funding for HuBMAP components to train and mentor undergraduate students in summer 2021.

The HuBMAP Jump Start Program


The Jump Start program will provide junior investigators an opportunity to undertake a small, independent scientific project with time devoted within their lab to work. This opportunity is open to candidates already working in HuBMAP-supported labs and intends to advance the career of trainees by developing their independence. The proposed project must be consistent with the overall goals of HuBMAP, and should explore new directions from the applicant's existing projects and the PI’s focus. Please reach out to Richard, Ajay, or Zorina if you want to discuss potential ideas for projects.


Postdocs or graduate students in a HuBMAP awardee’s lab (any PI who is part of a HuBMAP award) are eligible to apply.

Duration/Project Period:

1 year

Application Format/Submission:

Download the application here. Submit completed applications as a PDF to

The HuBMAP Underrepresented Internship Program


The HuBMAP Underrepresented Student Internship Program will allow underrepresented (as defined by NIH) undergraduate students an opportunity to undertake mentored scientific research in a HuBMAP lab. The program will fund HUBMAP member labs and PIs to host and mentor these students. More details forthcoming.

Duration/Project Period:

~10-12 weeks (Summer 2021)

Information for PIs and Institutions

HuBMAP institutions (and PI labs) that will welcome underrepresented undergraduate students to train and mentor during summer 2021 in single cell methods (experimental or computational) are eligible to act as host institutions.

Expression of Interest:

Download the expression of interest form here. Submit the completed form as a PDF to

Information for Students

For more information and to apply, see the Internship program page.

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