Funded Research - Transformative Technology Development (TTD) [RFA-RM-17-025]

TTDs will also be collecting and analyzing tissue along with the TMCs but they will also proof-of-principle with initial validation of transformative new tools, techniques and methods for mapping the human body at high resolution.

Transformative Technology Development Projects

Funded Project PI Name Institute
High-Throughput, Highly Multiplexed In Situ Proteomic Imaging of Human Tissues Peng Yin Harvard University
In Situ Transcriptome Profiling in Single Cells Long Cai California Institute of Technology
Guo-Cheng Yuan Harvard University
Next-Generation Genomic Imaging Technology Pehr Harbury Stanford University
Tushar Desai Stanford University
Novel Platform for Quantitative Subcellular Resolution Imaging of Human Tissues Using Mass Spectrometry Julia Laskin Purdue University

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