Funded Research

Transformative Technology Development (TTD)

TTDs will collect and analyze tissue along with the TMCs, including tissue from the heart, aorta, skin, kidney, endothelial cells, liver, pancreas, uterus, and breast. TTDs will also provide proof-of-principle with initial validation of transformative new tools, techniques and methods for mapping the human body at high resolution

Transformative Technology Development Projects

Funded ProjectPI NameInstitution
High-Throughput, Highly Multiplexed In Situ Proteomic Imaging of Human TissuesPeng YinHarvard University
In Situ Transcriptome Profiling in Single CellsLong CaiCalifornia Institute of Technology
Guo-Cheng YuanHarvard University
Next-Generation Genomic Imaging TechnologyPehr HarburyStanford University
Tushar DesaiStanford University
Novel Platform for Quantitative Subcellular Resolution Imaging of Human Tissues Using Mass SpectrometryJulia LaskinPurdue University
High-spatial-resolution ECM-inclusive multi-omics sequencing of human PFA and FFPE tissue slidesRong FanYale University
Spatially resolved characterization of proteoforms for functional proteomicsLjiljana Pasa-TolicPacific Northwest National Laboratory
A streamlined platform for phosphoproteome mapping of human tissuesTujin ShiPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Multimodal mass spectrometry imaging of mouse and human liverBrent StockwellColumbia University
Spatial in situ mapping of RNA-chromatin interactions at transcriptome-and-genome scale in human tissuesSheng ZhongUniversity of California, San Diego

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