Funded Research

Tissue Mapping Centers (TMCs)

TMCs will collect and analyze a range of normal tissues from donors that consist of males and females, and a variety of ages as well as ethnicities. Tissue samples collected will consist of discrete, complex organs, distributed organ systems and systems comprising dynamic or motile cell types with distinct microenvironments. Tissues to be collected and analyzed by the TMCs include bladder, kidney/ureter, colon, lung, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, pancreas, eye, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, tooth, cartilage, heart, bone and vasculature.

Tissue Mapping Center Projects

Funded ProjectPI NameInstitution
A 3D Tissue Map of the Human Lymphatic SystemMark AtkinsonUniversity of Florida
Bernd BodenmillerUniversity of Zurich
Harry NickUniversity of Florida
A Spatially Resolved Molecular Atlas of Human EndotheliumLong CaiCalifornia Institute of Technology
Jay ShendureUniversity of Washington
Cole TrapnellUniversity of Washington
KULMAP: Human Kidney, Urinary Tract, and Lung Mapping CenterKun ZhangUniversity of California, San Diego
James HagoodUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sanjay JainWashington University School of Medicine
Peter KharchenkoHarvard Medical School
Xin SunUniversity of California, San Diego
Stanford Tissue Mapping CenterMichael SnyderStanford University
Garry NolanStanford University
Vanderbilt University Biomolecular Multimodal Imaging Center for 3-Dimensional Tissue MappingRichard CaprioliVanderbilt University
Jeffrey SpragginsVanderbilt University
Multi-omic 3D tissue maps for a Human BioMolecular AtlasCharles AnsongPacific Northwest National Laboratories
Wei-Jun QianPacific Northwest National Laboratories
Clayton MathewsUniversity of Florida
James CarsonTexas Advanced Computing Center
Penn Center for Multi-scale Molecular Mapping of the Female Reproductive SystemJunhyong KimUniversity of Pennsylvania
Kathleen ONeillUniversity of Pennsylvania
Female Reproductive Tissue Mapping CenterLouise LaurentUniversity of California, San Diego
High resolution 3D mapping of cellular heterogeneity within multiple types of mineralized tissuesDavid RoweUniversity of Connecticut
Peter MayeUniversity of Connecticut
Dong-Guk ShinUniversity of Connecticut
Biomolecular Multimodal Imaging Center: 3-Dimensional Tissue Mapping of the Human Pancreas and EyeJeffrey SpragginsVanderbilt University
Richard CaprioliVanderbilt University
Alvin PowersVanderbilt University Medical Center
Kevin ScheyVanderbilt University
Center for Developmental Mapping of Heart and Bone TissuesKai TanChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
Liming PeiChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
Kathrin BerntChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia

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