Funded Research - Rapid Technology Implementation - RTI [RFA-RM-19-002]

The RTIs will focus on enhancing, large-scale validation, and integration of emerging new technologies into the HuBMAP Consortium. The goal is to improve the quality and throughput of atlas generation at key steps of the production pipeline including sample collection, tissue mapping, and data integration and analysis.

Rapid Technology Implementation Projects

Funded Project PI Name Institute
Multi-Scale 3-D Image Analytics for High Dimensional Spatial Mapping of Normal Tissues Yousef Al-Kofahi General Electric Global Research Center
A robust platform for multiplexed, subcellular proteomic imaging in human tissue Robert Michael Angelo (contact) Stanford University
Sean Curtis Bendall Stanford University
Renewable and Specific Affinity Reagents for Mapping Proteoforms in Human Tissues Neil L. Kelleher Northwestern University
Implementation of Slide-seq for high-resolution, whole-transcriptome human tissue maps. Evan Z. Macosko Broad Institute, Inc.

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