HuBMAP Integration, Visualization & Engagement (HIVE) Collaboratory [RFA-RM-18-001]

This team is jointly responsible for 1) managing the data generated by the Consortium, 2) coordinating internal and external Consortium activities, 3) developing novel tools for visualizing, searching and modelling data and 4) building an atlas of tissue maps.

HuBMAP Integration, Visualization & Engagement Projects

Funded Project PI Name Institute
Comprehensive, Flexible, and Fair Tools for the HuBMAP HIVE Ziv Bar-Joseph Carnegie-Mellon University
Benedict Paten University of California, Santa Cruz
Sarah Teichmann Wellcome Sanger Institute
Comprehensive Reference Map Construction, Geolocation and Data Integration for HuBMAP HIVE Rahul Satija New York Genome Center
John Marioni European Bioinformatics Institute
Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Seamless Management of HuBMAP Resources Nicholas Nystrom Pittsburgh Super Computing Center
Jonathan Silverstein University of Pittsburgh
HuBMAP HIVE Tools Component Nils Gehlenborg Harvard Medical School
The Human Body Atlas: High-Resolution, Functional Mapping of Voxel, Vector, and Meta Datasets Katy Börner Indiana University Bloomington

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